Chances are if you’re reading this blog you probably enjoy traveling, or have a love for adventure.  Or maybe my Mom saw you at the grocery store and told you to check it out (thanks Mom!).  Well, it turns out I too have a passion for travel!  Look at us, two peas in a pod, we’re going to get along just great!

Let me take a minute and introduce you to Girl Gone Glamping, that’s me!  However you found me, I’m happy you’re here!  I’m Lindsey, a solo full time Airstreamer.

My love for travel has turned into this dream of being able to live and work from virtually anywhere.  I say “anywhere” implying any geographic location, with wifi and hookups of course!  I do not have a dream of living full time out of hostels, or ruffing it in a tent that I carry on my back all day.  Weekend adventures are one thing, but I personally  prefer the comfort of my Airstream.  O kay I’m being modest, I’m slightly OBSESSED with my Airstream!  I think you will feel similar, once you see her, pictures to come soon!

I spent nine months, planning, budgeting, preparing and learning as much as I could, in attempt to make this dream of mine a reality. Somehow, with the support of my friends and family, I managed to make it to the starting line!

I ask you to come with me on what is going to be a truly incredible journey. I hope you find pleasure in the pictures I post, laughter as you read about some of the unique situations I am sure to find myself in, and maybe we will even learn a thing or two together along the way.

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